Everything You Need to Be Up-to-Date

(Including Accepting All the Latest Payment Methods!)

Your business needs a POS solution that pulls its weight. An effective system lets your customers pay the way they want to pay and allows you to manage employees, track inventory and sales, keep customer card data secure, and much more.

Tap into the Profitability of Contactless Payments

Increasingly, your customers want secure, touch-free options. To make tap-to-pay payments, customers simply hold their credit card, debit card, or phone near your payment terminal. Cards with the contactless symbol contain the technology.

Smartphones, watches, and rings with cards stored and activated in mobile wallet apps can also be used to make tap-to-pay payments. All of our POS terminals come with tap-to-pay technology built in—and we'll show you how to use it!

Point-of-Sale Systems

We offer the full range of POS solutions—from basic to complex—that integrate with virtually any POS software.

All backed by our partnership with i3POS.


NCR Aloha Essentials

A POS platform powerful enough to run your entire restaurant.

NCR Mobile Pay

A true contactless payment experience that increases efficiency.

NCR OrderPay

This intuitive mobile device becomes a fully-functional cash register.

Point-of-Sale Features

Our POS systems:

  • Accept cards, checks, cash and gift cards
  • Generate robust reporting and analytics
  • Allow you to add items and manage inventory in real time
  • Review customer data and send digital receipts
  • Manage online and offline orders
  • Integrate with order aggregators and delivery marketplaces
  • Reduce credit card fraud
  • Present feature-rich software and durable hardware